Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Disaster

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The Malaysia Airlines MH17 Disaster

On July 17 2014 12:31 am local time, Flight MH17 (under code sharing with KLM also known as KL4103), a Boeing 777-200 with 298 people on board, left from runway 36L Amsterdam, Schiphol, Netherlands, for departure to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It flew eastward over Germany, Poland and Ukraine. At 15:18 hours Dutch time contact with MH17 was lost, just at the boundary between Ukraine and Russia after flying for almost 3 hours when it was believed to be shot down. On board were 280 passengers, 3 babies and 15 man crew. No passengers or crew members survived.

Only 4 Months ago, on March 8 2014, another Malaysia Airlines B777-200, Flight MH370, disappeared without a trace with 239 people on board flying from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Being China. Till this day it remains a mystery what happened to Flight MH370.

The first victims arriving at the Netherlands for identification

Visits from 180 countries registered